Steam Greenlight Launch Games Announced – And They’re Intruiging

Steam Greenlight 1_Thumb4Steam creator Valve wanted a better way for developers to promote independent games, and decided to launch Steam Greenlight. Steam users vote for games it wants to release; the successful developers get support from Valve and the game releases. Here are the first ten.


Voting on the indie games you want to see is now possible through Valve’s Greenlight program

Valve’s Greenlight scheme on its Steam platform is awesome yet simple. Users vote for games to publish, Valve reaches out to developers, and the games get released. Valve announced the first ten for release, viewable through Steam, so here is a quick overview.

Black Mesa

The mod for the original Half-Life brings a graphical overhaul and gameplay additions like the ability to zoom in with non-sniper rifle weapons. It is missing out the later stages of the game intentionally, but the community is still excited about the community-built mod. You’ll be getting this for the low price of free.

Cry of Fear

Cry of Fear is a free Half-Life 1 mod, though it includes no content from the game or other peoples’ files. It is a horror game with eight hours of single-player content, up to 30 hours of gameplay, co-op play, and advanced cutscenes. Check the video below to see if you like getting scared. I don’t.


Routine is a first-person survival horror title set on the moon, with permanent death. Life bars, health picks, and a HUD among other features are gone. The idea is to immerse player in the experience, therefore the developer will support the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset.

The title is aiming for a 2013 release on PC and Mac.

Heroes & Generals

An online first-person shooter cross-platform MMOG. That’s Heroes & Generals product description; the title allows player to be on the frontline as Heroes or sit back and manage assts, orders, and reinforcements as Generals. The game will work constantly across Windows, iOS, and Android regardless of whether you’re playing an hour or ten a day.
Beta keys are available at


Kenshi is described as a free-roaming squad-based RPG with the premise that you’re not a chosen hero and make what you want of your character. The game uses over 400 kilometres of land, characters met have a life, buildings can be created to stockpile supplies or create businesses, wounded squad mates have to be carried to safety, level scaling is not existent so you’re always struggling, injury impacts everything from your walking animation to the ability to wield a sword, and magic isn’t included.

The game is in Alpha and available from the developers website at


Towns is about managing a, well, town that’s on top of the dungeon. Rather than being the hero that delves into the dungeon, you manage the town to cater to the hero’s needs. The developer is still expanding the game so much information isn’t available, though a preview is below.

No More Room in Hell

No More Room in Hell is a zombie survival game, basically. The setup is that a diseases broke out with no clear source. You’re wandering around with survivors trying to escape the monstrosity while fighting zombies. If killed, people reanimate, and try to kill.

A few interesting features are in the game. First, when bitten you have the option to hide the news of reveal it to players to be shot. Second, voice and text communication is distance-sensitive. That is, you need to stay close to be heard.

Project Zomboid

While also a zombie survival title, Project Zomboid ask players to survive for as long as possible. Dying is inevitable. The game world is ever expanding, so it sounds like the longer the game is played the more options you will have to survive.

Follow @theindiestone for updates.


Dream follows a university graduate called Howard that is obsessed with his dreams. The goal is to find the meaning of his life. Three acts have multiple endings depending on how much the player explores dreams. Environment can be explored in varying order.

Dream is expected to release by summer 2013.


McPixel is about preventing stuff from blowing up up in 20 seconds. The game is a point-and-click title with numerous challenges across multiplayer chapter, and recieved a warm reception.

McPixel has the honor of being the only Greenlight game to be available, thought not on Steam. Watch the video below to get a great Quick Look.

Published: Friday, September 14th, 2012 Last Modified: September 14, 2012

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