Startups Now Getting The Backing of A Venture Program From Redmond

Startup companies throughout the world were met with a huge announcement from Microsoft on Tuesday. Microsoft announced the formation of Microsoft Ventures, and its aim is directly at startup companies and them using Microsoft products.

The giant announcement by Microsoft is completely aimed at getting startup and emerging companies to use Microsoft server and other products. The rollout details the original mention of Bizspark which has helped 75,000 startups and will include more as time rolls on.


Mentorship, Guidance, Funding among Benefits

The initial points and goals for the Microsoft Ventures program is to give startup businesses the mentoring, guidance, and funding that they need to succeed. The Bizspark program will be rolled into Microsoft Ventures, as this has been very successful in getting startup companies off the ground and into using Microsoft products in their businesses.

Over 75,00 Startups Helped

In its blog post on Tuesday, Microsoft stated that they have helped over 75,000 businesses via its Bizspark program in over 100 countries, and hopes to see more of them grow in upcoming years. This is an important factor for companies wanting to reach out through Microsoft and its Bizspark program, since it gives startups a company that has help a large number of companies.

114 Companies Graduating to Accelerator Programs

One of the other major points brought out in the blog post is that over 114 companies have grown through the accelerator program to seek out funding and additional opportunities for themselves. This along with the Bing Fund rolled out last year is all about helping startup companies succeed and grow in today’s world.

It’s important to note that the goal of Microsoft Ventures is to help startups around the world. Its obvious goal to have them use its Windows Server, Azure, Windows Phone, and other products in their companies, while at the same time help them grow and succeed. While Bizspark will not close down, it will be combined into Microsoft Ventures and use their expertise to help companies grow and get better in the business world. As companies are continue to rise as startups, its crucial for Microsoft to help these companies at the beginning and get them signed up to using Microsoft products at the beginning.

Published: Wednesday, June 26th, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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