Start Your New Novel With ScribePad On Windows 10

There are many of us who love to write, and many who wish to aspire to writing the next novel. The ease of self publishing on things like the Kindle and Amazon has made it easier. Now, with ScribePad on Windows 10 you can start your novel.

ScribePad is a premium app on Windows 10, but its well worth the $6.49 price for this premium writing app. It’s geared for the writer in mind, and gives the writer a number of exciting tools to start using, and get their novel started.

Start Your New Novel With ScribePad

ScribePad Features

With ScribePad you are able to make your writings more structured, and manage characters for your stories. You can create todo lists for your stores, and by using snapshot, create versioning for your upcoming scenes in your novel.

You can use ScribePad on any number of Windows 10 devices, so you can pickup where you left off, whether at home, your office, or on your Windows 10 Mobile device. It is totally an offline program, and doesn’t need any subscriptions or other costs.

Structure Your Upcoming Novel With ScribePad

Latest Updates

ScribePad is listing to its users, and has been coming up with additional features for its userbase. It has fixed bugs in the RickTextEditr, fixed crashes in the Create/Edit book fields, and has added a dark theme for writing at night.

It comes with a trial option, and you can use it with the trial with the trial notification banner in display. This means you can try it out, see how you like it and go from there. It’s a fully fatured app, so it has a ton of features awaiting you.

If you write, and want to try out a novel, ScribePad is for you. Its a premium app, but worth it if you love words.

Published: Wednesday, February 22nd, 2017 Last Modified: February 22, 2017

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