Stardock CEO urges everyone to install Windows 7

As previously reported, Windows 7 will have a feature called WARP 10 (Windows Advanced Rasterization Platform) that will allow you to boot your PC without a graphic card.

Developer Stardock (Galactic Civilizations II, WindowBlinds 6) is obviously very pleased with Windows 7.
Stardock only managed to sell so many “games” because they’re all running on almost every PC. WARP10 means that Stardock can make games that look a lot better without having to worry that it won’t run on every PC.  That’s why CEO Brad Wardell urged everyone to install Windows 7. Obviously, they will also sell a lot more games if their games look better. As of right now, they can’t require DirectX9/10 support, because many people still run XP.

Stardock has recently (4/14/2009) released their game “Demigod”. It’s a tactical strategy game that includes rpg elements:

Demigod, one of the games developed by Stardock

Demigod, one of the games developed by Stardock

You can download DemiGod and all other products of Stardock through their own digital publishing platform, which you can download for free here:

Get Impulse!

Stardock's digital publishing platform ImpulseDriven

Stardock’s CEO hasn’t made any statement regarding WindowsBlinds yet. Windows 7 has a completely new GUI, so Windows Blinds does not support Windows 7.

Published: Friday, June 19th, 2009 Last Modified: May 26, 2013

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