Star Wars 1313 Windows 7 Theme With 4 Awesome Wallpapers

Here it is! A brand-new Star Wars 1313 theme for Windows 7 that adds 4 incredibly awesome wallpapers to your desktop!

Star Wars 1313

Awesome Theme Withs For The Video Game Star Wars 1313.Jpg

The new Star Wars game has a very vague release date. The best guess we can make at this point is 2013, probably late 2013, but it’s entirely possible that the game will be delayed to 2014 although it’s possible that next-gen consoles will be released before then.

Fan-made Star Wars 1313 Wallpapers

We created the following 4 HD wallpapers for you. If you have requests for any resolutions, suggestions or ideas for new wallpapers related to Star Wars or any other game, movie, etc, let us know!

Star Wars 1313 Hd 1.Jpg

Star Wars 1313 Hd 2.Jpg

Star Wars 1313 Hd 3.Jpg

Star Wars 1313 Hd 4.Jpg

Download The Theme

Star Wars 1313 Windows 7 Theme

Download This Awesome Star Wars Themepack for Windows 7

We’ll be adding more and more wallpapers, but instead of updating this theme we usually release new themes that include the previous and the new backgrounds and additional goodies, so always stay tuned to our homepage. If you have two minutes please go to our homepage now and bookmark it or our top themes

Looking For More Star Wars Themes?

We have a full theme including cursors, Start orbs, cursors, an entire sound theme and lots of background wallpapers for your desktop. Where can you download that? We are adding this theme to our FB page shortly, stay tuned. Here is another Lego Star Wars theme

Published: Friday, June 15th, 2012 Last Modified: May 7, 2014

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