Star Wars 1313 Is Mature But Not Violent, Apparently They Can Be Mutually Exclusive

Star Wars 1313 Violence

If you felt fatigue coming over because of the excess violent at E3 this year, Star Wars could be the antidote. Not because lightsabers will continue to be overpowered (thanks Star Wars: The Old Republic), but because Star Wars 1313 is mature and not violent.

Bloody in Star Wars? No thanks, and it’s not going be gushing everywhere in Star Wars 1313 either

I’m probably one of the few people not blown away by Star Wars 1313 and its next-generation graphics. Probably because I value gameplay over graphics, but despite the near photorealism Star Wars 1313 isn’t going to make us wince through excess violence.

Speaking to Official Xbox Magazine UK, Creative Director on Star Wars 1313 Rob Billiard said rendering graphics at the faux realism level shown at E3 shouldn’t encourage violence. There’s a certain hilarity about chainsawing someone in half in Gears of War, because we know it’s exaggerated. Having that in a game with the uncanny valley effect isn’t something I want.

Billiard said that he doesn’t want to push the wrong buttons among gamers, hinting on the lukewarm reaction to games including God of War (pulling a brain out of an enemy’s head) or seeing Lara Croft get thrown around in the Tomb Raider reboot.

We don’t know a lot about 1313; the game follows a bounty hunter on Level 1313 of Coruscant. Jedis don’t seem to be around, though don’t rule out a cameo appearance. It’s nice we’re moving away from the most exploited area of Star Wars.

Billiard agrees with the comments I made about weaker technology removing serious nature of violence, saying the responsibility increases with fidelity.

Unproven, Exciting

We also don’t know what technology the game ran on, but it’s probably a PC. Whether the title is aiming for next-generation consoles isn’t clear.

The E3 demo focused on escaping a crashing ship, climbing across destroyed sections of the ship in a style evocative of Uncharted. A third-person shooter in sections, the combat was cover-based from the section we saw. It looked generic, but then that isn’t why the game grabbed headlines.

The frustrating element of E3 was games like The Last of Us had shotgun face-shooting conclusions to its demo, but then the press saw the quieter approach privately.

Star Wars 1313 is TBA.

Published: Thursday, August 9th, 2012 Last Modified: August 9, 2012

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