Star Trek 2 Movie in 2012? Top Screenplay Writers On Board

I’m not a trekkie (more into BSG if anything), but there’s one particular movie I’m looking forward to: Star Trek 2. Looks like JJ got some of the top screenplay writers to work on the screenplay.

Star Trek 2 Movie 2012

Mission Impossible 3 & Lost Screenplay Writers On Board

Here are a few names: Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzman, Damon Lindelof. Now you might not know the names, but you might know the brilliant screenplays they wrote… Mission Impossible 3, Transformers, Lost.

Now what I liked about the storyline of Mission Impossible 3 was the preview-end-at-beginning twist. I didn’t like the ending for some reason, but the first 10 minutes are brilliant. And Lost .. well, Lost is Lost. You could argue that the last season of Lost is a rather chaotic screenplay with no real answers (there were simply to many unsolved questions), but it’s still one of the best TV-series out there.

Anyway, it looks like Star Trek 2 has some of the best screenplay writers a movie can possibly have. Now the problem with sequels is that the “film world” is established and no longer new. The Matrix for example was so ground-breaking new that everyone was fascinated, it was a new thinking and even resulted in various religious analyses of the movie, but The Matrix Reloaded lost a lot of that “new” appeal.

So, what do you expect of Star Trek 2? Bigger galactic monsters, more evil Romulans or any of the other “bad guys”? I hope they add a few “exploration” elements here and there. Something that makes you feel lost in deep space, that’s something I would genuinely enjoy!

Published: Tuesday, May 31st, 2011 Last Modified: May 31, 2011

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