Spotify Now Available For Windows Phone: No Longer Beta

One of the largest names of applications, Spotify, on Monday announced that their Windows Phone app is no longer in beta for Windows Phone. This premium app for Windows Phone will give Windows Phone sales the boost it needs to sell more over the summer months, and gives music lovers the app they want.

As Spotify for Windows Phone is no longer in beta status, it means that anyone with a Windows Phone can download the music app to enjoy. With the announcement on the Spotify Blog, it gives Windows Phone users a lot of more features, and gives Xbox Music a run for its money on the Windows Phone platform.


Playlist Improvements and 19 Supported Languages

The latest version of the Spotify app for Windows Phone brings improved playlist support for the app. It also gives Windows Phone users the ability to use the app with 19 different languages, and that should appeal to the worldwide sales of Windows Phone. Included also are track scrubbing for Windows Phone and Spotify users.

Spotify Premium and Other Features in Windows Phone

Included in the final version of Spotify for Windows Phone, it includes the Spotify Premium service, the ability to listen to millions of tracks, stream over WiFi or cellular networks, have offline playlists to listen to, a whats new of the app, the ability to get music from phones over the inbox, and much more.

Competition for Xbox Music?

As the music app economy is a fierce industry, the release of Spotify on Windows Phone gives Windows Phone users another option to listen to music on their Windows Phones. They are no longer at the mercy of Xbox Music, and now have the power of Spotify in their phones, and that should satisfy many Windows Phone users.

This release by Spotify cements the companies footprint in the Windows Phone market. It gives Microsoft another major app on its Windows Phone platform, and gives users another major app for them to download and listen to. Apps are what sell phones in todays economy and on smartphones, and having Spotify on the Windows Phone as a non-beta app gives customers another reason to try Windows Phone at their local store.

Published: Tuesday, July 9th, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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