Sports Fans Rejoice With New Bing Sports App Update

As sports fans enjoy this time of year when 3 of the 4 major sports intersect, Bing has heard their voices, and released an update to its Bing Sports app. The new app, which launched on Tuesday, gives users a ton of new features including profiles, news, and details on games.

As the Super Bowl, NBA, and NFL seasons convene during the latter part of January, Bing was quick to the gun to get sports fans happy. The free update to Microsoft’s Bing Sports app for Windows Phone 8 showcases Microsoft’s search engine in all new and fun ways.

msft-bingsportsapp-1Microsoft Releases Bing Sports App With Awesome New Features

Microsoft Gives Sports Fans Joy

What makes the Bing Sports app great for hardcore sports fans, like myself, is the ability to track games and updates on Windows Phones. Now, users can track their favorite teams, players, and get more information about games in all sports. Included with the updates are new live personalized tiles to show upcoming, completed, and current games.

Windows Phone needed this, and Microsoft is giving its users what they want. These new updates show the power of Windows Phone 8, and the power of Bing. Bing is quickly making lots of new users around the globe with the NSA and other Scroogled campaigns, and this will surely turn sports fans into Bing and Windows Phone 8 fans.

Social Sports Tweets And News Come Alive With New Bing Sports App

Microsoft Gives Bing Fans Social Sports

Another thing that makes the Bing Sports app another lead among other sports apps is the inclusion of tweets, top stories, and news from top athletes. With Bing’s tight integration into the Twitter pipeline, they are able to give sports fans instant tweets, and can deliver them to NFL, NBA, MLS, Soccer, and other global sports fans.

With this app, I am becoming more of a Bing user everyday. It’s a free update from the Windows Phone Store, and gives me all the sports news I need in one screen. Microsoft is leveraging the power of Bing with this update, and it shows in the tweets, live tiles, and other aspects of the social sports app. Microsoft gets social, gets sports, and gets mobile.

I tried this out to track my favorite teams and it makes sports viewing beautiful. My hometown team might have lost, but I can still keep up to date as the Super Bowl nears.

Published: Wednesday, January 22nd, 2014 Last Modified: January 22, 2014

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