Split Costs With Others Using SplitBook On Windows 10

The need to manage expenses and share costs happens at times, and finding the right app or software to help with that sometimes takes time to figure out. SplitBook is a new Windows 10 app that lets you do this and more.

SplitBook is a unique Windows 10 app whose main goal is to allow household bills with roommates to split bills. It also helps with group vacations, helps remind you on reminders, and assists with splitting bills when needed.

Split Expenses On Windows 10 With SplitBook

SplitBill Features

With SplitBill you can get a full Windows 10 experience with the app. It allows for live tiles, toast and badge notifications. You can also add, updates, and save receipts for easy keeping, and splitting when you need too.

The app includes a number of visual UI tweaks as the app has improved since its initial launch, and expenses show the dates of occurance, and you can update friends. This means you can add or delete a friend if you need to.

Control Expenses With SplitBook

Works Across All Devices

With SplitBill, you can use the app across any number of Windows 10 devices. These include PC’s, mobile devices, and even Windows Holographique devices. This makes it easy to split bills while home, at the office, or on the road.

What also makes SplitBook special, is that it is a complete Splitwise client for Windows 10. The Splitwise site is the web hub for splitting expenses on mobile devices, and this Splitbook is the ideal Windows 10 app for it.

If you share or split expenses try SplitBook out. It’s a unique and niche app, but splitting expenses has never been this easy.


Published: Wednesday, October 19th, 2016 Last Modified: October 19, 2016

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