Spelunky: The Xbox Live Arcade Game Where You Throw The Controller Out The Window

Spelunky Xbla Game Spelunky, developed by Mossmouth, is a platforming Xbox Live Arcade game where you have one life. Like Super Meat Boy, only you have to complete worlds in one life.

Games aren’t hard, apparently. Well Spelunky is: one life, no items carrying over and a whole lot of enemies

I can’t remember playing a rougelike on Xbox live Arcade, but Spelunky is changing that. The formerly free-to-play title is now available, and brings all the difficulty of Super Meat Boy and all the addiction of a quarter-eating games like Pac-Man, so here’s what you need to know.

As mentioned the game is developed by Mossmouth, and releases July 4 – today – for 1200 Microsoft Points ($10). It has 20 achievements which collectively earn 400 points, four avatar awards and is exclusive to Xbox Live Arcade.

Spunky is fundamentally a platformer, where you have to go around a course and kill enemies while collecting items. You have a heart representing your life, and can take four hits. Once you die, you have to restart the level with none of the items you earned. You don’t keep them when progressing through stages, either, and dying will restart you at the first level of the world you’re currently playing.

Spelunky Screen

Each level is randomly generated, though elements from previous levels will show as more of the game is played. Levels are also fully destructible through bombs, which you have four of by default, and you can climb up with a rope.

Prepare To Die

You can pick up almost anything, including damsels you have to either save or sacrifice for items such as paste which stick bombs to surfaces. Damsels are either a dog, man or woman. You can choose either, or all three, in the settings menu.

Four-player co-op is available, which is the same game but obviously there’s the temptation to kill your friends. Players also turn into ghosts, and can destroy enemies – or players. Multiplayer modes are also available in a deathmatch format, which bring environments and enemies from the main game over.

Of course there are also leaderboards. Some of the aforementioned achievements are completing the game in eight minutes with no shortcuts, and killing 12 shopkeepers – where you buy items – in one game.

Published: Thursday, July 5th, 2012 Last Modified: April 6, 2015

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