Speedtest Unveils New Windows 10 Speedtest App

Whether you are a home or business Internet user, the speed of how you connect is important. That can be upload speed, ping times, or download times. Speedtest is one of the most widely known apps for this, and now their Windows 10 app is live.

Ookl’a Speedtest.net site is one of the most visited sites on the Internet today, and people use it daily to test their Internet sppeds. Now, the Windows 10 app brings that testing to an app, and is perfect for Windows 10 Desktops and tablets.

Speedtest App Arrives For Windows 10 Users

Speedtest App Features

With the Speedtest app, users get all the featurs of the Speedtest.net app, and get it all bundled into a single Windows 10 app. Users can get their ping, download, and upload speed results within seconds of using the new app.

Users also get real-time graphs to show connection consistency, they can troubleshoot or verify speeds, track prior tests with detailed reports, and more. The last but best thing users get are ways to share their results via social media.

Upload vs Download Speeds

One of the biggest thing that users can confused by are the upload and download speeds reported by the app. Upload speeds are determined by the amount of data sent from your system to the servers, and download speeds are the reversal.

Consistant upload speeds make sure that your connection stays solid and bigger download speeds ensure faster downloads. Of course, connection speeds can vary according to providers and areas, but now you get a great app to test it out.

Speedtest is available now on the Windows Store. It’s a great app, and a must download for any serious Internet user.


Published: Monday, October 10th, 2016 Last Modified: October 10, 2016

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