Speak To Movie Finding On Windows 10 With Netflix

Netflix is one of the most downloaded Windows 10 programs on the Windows Store, and its frequent updates usually give users reasons to love it. But, its recent updates that incorporate Cortana make it shine more than usual.

Cortana is Windows 10 technology, that allows users to speak to their machines, and find materials easier. With the latest Netflix updates to its 6.8.41 version, it incorporates Cortana and makes it a lovely download.

Netflix On Windows 10 Updated With Cortana Features

Query With Voice

With the Cortana upgrade to Netflix, users can use their voice to find movies, features, actors, and more. It gives users the ability for instance to say “Netflix Star Trek” and find it on Netflix automatically.

Cortana has been built into a number of other Windows apps, but bringing it into Netflix gives Cortana a lot of props. This means that anyone with a voice can find Netflix programs, and find them without long search queries.

Small Update Makes Netflix App On Windows 10 Shine

Small Update With Lots Of Features

Along with the Cortana updates which are the biggest updates, users will see other bug improvements made for it as well. It comes in at under a megabyte, and that is quite remarkable for an app of this power.

Netflix is always looking to make Windows 10 the core of its movie enjoying experience, and Microsoft is teaming up with them to make it happen. Cortana is a wonderful technology, and Netflix embedding it makes it that much seamless.

If you use Cortana, try out the Netflix update. It’s easy to use, and once you do, you will use it for a while.

Published: Monday, March 28th, 2016 Last Modified: March 28, 2016

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