Spartan Browser Leaked In Windows 10 Screenshots

The upcoming Windows 10 is going to be a huge release for Microsoft, and the upcoming release will have multiple Internet browsers to choose from. On Tuesday, WinBeta and a number of sites published pictures of the new Spartan browser, which integrated with Cortana looks very slick.

Spartan is the new browser that has been hinted at for Windows 10, and its a revolutionary way to look at the browser. It is much different than Windows Internet Explorer, and has exciting new features that will challenge other browsers, like Google Chrome and Mozilla’s Firefox.

Microsoft Teases Users With Cortana Integration With Spartan Browser

Picture Of Spartan

In the leaked WinBeta screen, the Spartan browser has a number of features, that include extensions, annotations, an interesting reading mode, and Cortana integration. The Cortana integration will be the biggest part of the browser, and allows for speech recognition and assistance in the browser.

With Cortana inside Spartan, a user can get additional information about a business or site, and if any questions come up, the user can ask Cortana about it. Cortana will then explain it by the “ask cortana” command, and come up with answers. It doesn’t leave the browser, and just pops up in the right side of the browser.

Microsoft's New Windows 10 Browser Has Cortana Answers Built Into The Spartan Browser

New Build To Have Cortana With Spartan?

In current builds of Windows 10 via the Windows Insider program, the Cortana integration with Spartan isn’t there, and Microsoft hasn’t completely rolled it out to all its test users yet. Microsoft is expected to come out with a new release this week, and anticipations are that Cortana and Spartan will be there.

This ability to use Cortana within the browser like Spartan can be a major change in the way people surf the web. It means that people can ask questions, get answers, and do it all without leaving the browser. Users can continue searching and surfing, while getting answers in just a right pane away.

Cortana with Spartan looks nice. It’s still new, but in the video below, its awesome.

Published: Wednesday, March 4th, 2015 Last Modified: March 4, 2015

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