Sony’s PS4 Could Support 4K Resolution – Xbox Durango Too?

Playstation 4K Hd Tv Thumb Sony is known for more than just their Playstation console, but in recent years Microsoft’s Xbox took over the spot as the ultimate entertainment device. What will Sony do about it?


According to various reports online, Sony might plan to offer a bundle of a 4k Ultra-HDTV and a Playstation 4 console. That way Sony could sell the console for a really cheap price and gain some traction again.

We also assume that Sony will release the Playstation 4 before Microsoft will launch their next Xbox. If they don’t, they are about to lose another console-war and with their declining stock price this is the least thing they can afford:

Microsoft Vs Sony Stock Price

Sony’s stock price (blue) is closer to a 52-week low, while Microsoft (red) is closer to a 52-week high. Admittedly, Microsoft has a tight trading range, but that’s another story. 

PS4 Could Be Become Mainstream Alternative

Playstation 4K Hd Tv

If Sony manages to bring down the cost of 4k HDTV’s and come up with a good offer that combines their upcoming console and a TV for a reasonable price, they could definitely be off to a good start. Of course, they would have to add a lot more entertainment features to the PS4 to become a viable alternative to the Xbox 360. One thing is certain, the next console cycle will be very exciting, both for Sony and Microsoft.

Microsoft could get into serious trouble if their cash-cow gets more competition – and so far the Xbox division has been very profitable for Microsoft.


Published: Saturday, October 13th, 2012 Last Modified: October 13, 2012

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