Sony To Shut Down Resistance And Gran Turismo Game Servers

Sony have announced that their are to discontinue online connecivity for its Resistance franchise along with Gran Turismo 5 in 2014.

Sony Bids To Reclaim Server Space

2013 has seen a lot of change for Sony and after the successful launch of the PlayStation 4 earlier this year, it now appears that the company is on a mission to reclaim some much needed server space.

It appears they are planning to do this by removing and discontinuing the online components from a handful of older titles, which while it may disappoint some, is pretty much inevitable.


However, the games where online is being stripped off of first are not exactly unheard of, and the Resistance franchise and Gran Turismo 5 figures in most PlayStation 3 owners libraries.

Resistance To Have Online Servers Shut Down

Resistance was a launch title for the PlayStation 3 way back when, and a solid first person shooter series that had its last release in terms of full-fledged console title in 2011. The trilogy was rounded of in that year with the release of Resistance 3. Since then we have only seen an underwhelming addition to the series hit the PlayStation Vita.

It’s still disappointing. However, as the franchise has no clear replacement and it was only rereleased as a Trilogy box set last year, meaning that anybody picking off the pack for some quick and cheap online play and record to be chuffed with this latest development.

Various Other PlayStation Titles To Have Online Removed

Various other PlayStation 3 titles will also have their online components removed such as the stated Gran Turismo 5. Considering the release of Gran Turismo 6 ,this should probably not come as such a surprise.


Other titles that are set to be disconnected into 2014 include tactical shooter Socom:Special Forces along with two games that are actually only online. These are MAG and SOCOM:Confrontation. These games will now be rendered unusable from January 28,2014 and considering they were not free games there may be a slight ethical question to be asked by making them redundant.

Which begs the question should games come with a sell by date?Especially in the case where they are an only online title? It’s something that previous generations have not had the battle with but it is something that may be warranted a closer look in the future.


Published: Wednesday, January 1st, 2014 Last Modified: January 1, 2014

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