Sony Confident About PS4 Launch

Sony are confident about their impending PlayStation 4 launch with the release now only a number of days away.

Sony Expect PS4 to Reach Targets

The highly anticipated launch of both the Xbox One and the PlayStation is now only a number of days away. With fans getting excited the competition is hotting up between the companies but Sony for one believe they are in a good position ahead of the introduction to the next generation of home consoles.

In fact ,Sony have commentated on being very confident of meeting analysts’ sales estimates. Some analysts believe the console will ship 3 million units before the year is out.


Speaking to Bloomberg , SCEA CEO Jack Tretton commentated “We’re very comfortable with it – Im excited about next week to be able to talk about what was sold as opposed to what we may sell.”

Sony Believe Race Will Be a “Marathon, Not A Sprint”

Sony famously lagged behind the Xbox 360 in the early days of the last console war but eventually improved over the course of a few years. One thing that they are making sure of this time is that they have “adequate” supplies. The PlayStation 4 will cost $399 through the holiday season.

Sony not so long ago projected the console will sell 5 million units by March , 2014 and it looks like they are firmly stick behind that prediction.

“This is a marathon, not a sprint, but getting out to a nice start is a good thing,” Tretton said. “That hurdle has been cleared. We’re very, very confident we’re in great shape.”


During Gamescom 2013 Sony announced the console had already received over 1 million preorders – a figure described as “extraordinarily high” at the time.

Ubisoft Believe PS4 Leading Xbox One in Preorders

Ubisoft CEO Yves Guiellemot believes that PlayStation 4 preorders are likely to still be ahead of Xbox One before the launches of both consoles later this month. He does believe the Xbox One will be a hit however.


“What we see is that there is a good preorder list on that machine. Even if the PS4 is in front in terms of preorders, we see lots of improvement in the preorders that are coming on,” Guillemot said. “So no, we are not worried at all. We think it will be a big seller as well.”

Microsoft are said to be overwhelmed with preorders also ahead of their launch.

The PlayStation 4 will launch on November 15 and the Xbox One a week later on the 22nd.

Published: Wednesday, November 13th, 2013 Last Modified: November 13, 2013

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