Sony Announces PS3 Exclusive: Datura Release Date + Trailer

Datura Ps3 Exclusive Game

The God of War development team is working on a new Sony PS3 exclusive called “Datura”. Here’s the release date, a first trailer and some initial details Sony let slip.

Release Date

Approx Release Date: Late 2012

Sony did not announce a specific date, but confirmed that the Move/PS3 exclusive will be available in late 2012


Sony announces Move and PlayStation 3 exclusive title Datura

Last year Sony teased a new title for the PlayStation Move, a project developed by both Santa Monica Studio – the developers of the God of War series – and Polish demoscene group Polish (who specialise in producing non-interactive demos).

Two videos of the upcoming title were sent out back then. They showed a floating hand steering a car and touching objects in a forest, with a pig appearing in a forest and on a road. The game was also teased to be in 3D, as two frames of the same image appeared. Now, the game has been officially revealed.

The game is called Datura, and is developed by the aforementioned studios. The demo Polish showed off was also the opening moments of the games: players begin in a forest, and navigate by controlling the characters’ hands.

Michal Stanizewski of Plastic also said that the game was a “unique experimental narrative and original way of interaction.” The game is being described as in illusion; when you touch trees, the developers want the game to appear as if you are touching trees.

The game is also built around the choices players make. Datura explored “the element of anxiety … was it a right or wrong choice?”

Sony Computer Entertainment Producer Jan Kucznyski said Datura “is really the type of game that you need to experience for yourself,” and compared it to other PlayStation exclusive titles such as Flower and the recently released Journey.

The game can also be played with a PlayStation 3 controller, but hinted the title was designed for Move and said the motion sensing peripheral adding immersion to the game.

PlayStation Move title Datura at GDC

The title has been confirmed to be playable at Sony’s Booth at this year’s Game Developers Conference. There was no confirmation on whether the demo shown by Plastic last year would be part of the showing at GDC. On Plastic’s website, the developer said that a webpage online soon to accompany the game and reveal more information. The game will be available from March 7 through March 9.

Datura release later this year for PlayStation Network.

Published: Thursday, March 8th, 2012 Last Modified: March 8, 2012

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