Sony Announce Game Streaming Service “PlayStation Now”

Sony announce new game streaming service in a bid to tackle backwards compatibility issues.

Sony Unveil New PlayStation Now Service

The issue of backwards compatibility comes up every time a new generation of consoles are released. Its even be more relevant a case this time round as we have seen a rise in digital content and a longer console lifespan than we have ever seen before with the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.


Like we saw when the PlayStation 3 dropped it back with compatibility feature altogether in revised iterations and about Xbox 360’s buggy backwards compatibility “List” – it is a difficult area to get right and can be an annoyance to gamers will have build up a backlog of titles for each ecosystem.

Prior to the release of the PlayStation 4, it was evident that Sony had been looking into the available options to combat any backwards compatibility issues and we now know what they have decided on – “PlayStation Now”

Sony’s New Game Streaming Service PlayStation Now Explained

So what exactly is PlayStation Now all about? As we know at the moment,the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One do not support any past generation software at all. Well, PlayStation Now is Sony’s way around this.


They will be effectively using a cloud-based technology deriving from the company Gaikai, which they purchased back in 2012. This new service has the potential to stream games from the catalogue of Sony’s previous consoles the PlayStation 1, PlayStation 2, and PlayStation 3. Not just to the PlayStation 4, but to various other formats as well.

PlayStation Now will also be offered on the PS Vita and there are plans to build it into future Sony Bravia television sets. It is expected that eventually any Internet connected devices such as tablets, or smartphones will be capable of running games from the cloud.

What We Can Expect From The New PlayStation Now Streaming Service?

If what Sony is telling us proves to be correct, in the near future gamers will be able to start a game on their PlayStation 4 before continuing it on the PlayStation Vita going to work and even finishing it off on the office computer or a smartphone.


At the moment however, we remain cautious and see how this whole service actually pans out in practice as any streaming will have to be instantaneous. It remains to be seen if it is to provide a gameplay experience that matches what a hardware backwards compatibility solution would have provided.

At the moment we still do not know how much this potential service will cost and Sony have remained quiet on the PlayStation Now subscription fees during the big reveal. The program is expected to go into beta at the end of January and a full rollout is expected sometime in the summer.

Published: Thursday, January 9th, 2014 Last Modified: January 9, 2014

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