Sonic Windows 7 Themes With Sonic Generations HD Wallpaper and Sonic Icons

You like Sonic and got yourself the brand new Sonic Generations? Then download our latest Windows 7 themes with new Sonic HD wallpapers and Sonic desktop icons.

sonic generations wallpaper and themes

Sonic is Sega’s most iconic character. Did you know that Sega still is around (even if they stopped making great consoles after the Dreamcast) and making millions off their Dreamcast games. Hopefully, Sega will be back with a new console to surprise Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo – would definitely heat up the competition a little, don’t you think?

Sonic Generations was released for multiple platforms on November 1st, for PS3, XBOX360, PC and even Nintendo’s 3DS. The game covers a lot of traditional but also new areas, so there’s something for Sonic veterans as well as new players.

Let’s check out the Sonic Generations HD wallpapers we’ve included in this Windows 7 theme:

sonic generations wallpaper 1
sonic generations wallpaper 2
sonic generations wallpaper 3
sonic generations wallpaper 4

Download Windows 7 Theme

Here’s a preview of the theme on the Windows 7 personalization Control Panel
Sonic Generations Windows 7 Theme
Download Sonic Generations Windows 7 Theme

Keep in mind this theme will not work properly on Windows 7 Home Basic. If you are looking for Windows 7 themes for any other Dreamcast games, let us know and we’ll try to create something for you.

Published: Sunday, November 6th, 2011 Last Modified: November 6, 2011

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