Songza and Reaper Debut On Windows Phone 8

Tuesday was a big day for Windows Phone 8, as new and more powerful games and applications were announced from Microsoft. The announced releases of Reaper and Songza mark two applications that users have been wanting, and now are available on Windows Phone 8.

The announcement of these two applications is big news for Windows Phone 8. The free RPG game “Reaper” and the Songza music app give users the ability to use their phones to play games, make calls on the go, and delivers next-generation mixtapes for the masses.

Reaper and Songza Make Their Debuts On Windows Phone 8

Reaper: Free On Windows Phone 8

One of the first free games mentioned via Microsoft on Tuesday was Reaper. This free and very addictive RPG game is cute but at the same time very challenging. The different tales are filled with colorful music, monsters, and some of the most amazing graphics seen on a Windows Phone 8 screen. The free game has many levels to play, and offers users a premium option if they wish to continue on. It is free, and available on the Windows Phone Store.

Songza: Amazing Mixtapes

The other fun app released for Windows Phone 8 on Tuesday is Songza. This application allows for users to put together playlists for different fun occasions, and mix it up with soundtracks and other sounds. These playlists can be brought to parties, gatherings, dinner parties, and more. The application also allows users to search for songs and has a no listening limit availability for users to enjoy. Social sharing of these mix tapes are also available via Twitter, Facebook, and other networks. It is free, and available via the Windows Phone Store.

What these two big named applications show are that the Windows Phone 8 platform is growing and becoming bigger than ever. Big name applications continue to be developed for the Microsoft phones ecosystem, and these applications tightly integrate the high quality screens, the social sharing, and Windows system to build great applications for customers. As the Windows Phone 8 user base grows by the month, applications that harness these technical qualities will continue to be developed for its users. Microsoft is getting the mobile space in a hurry, and giving users great applications for their phones.

Published: Thursday, September 26th, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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