Solid Color Background Slows Down Windows 7 Boot Up

A weird bug has been confirmed by Microsoft. If you select a “Solid Color” Background, your PC will need 30 seconds longer to boot up. Microsoft has released a hotfix by now.

Solid Color Desktop Background

A “Solid Color Background” might be a good choice for company PC’s or if you want to save energy. A solid black desktop background consumes a lot less power than a solid white background.

Choose your desktop background

Should you use a solid color background, your boot up time can increase by up to 30 seconds. So, if you have been using one, you now know a way to greatly speed up Windows 7.

Solid Color Hotfix

Microsoft has released a hotfix by now:

Download Hotfix

Published: Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010 Last Modified: February 2, 2010

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