SOCOM 4 Beta Start and End Date + Review

If you are one of the thousands of Playstation Plus members, then you’ll of been able to download and play the BETA of SOCOM 4 now. Here’s a first review of the beta.

Socom 4 Beta End Dates

You really need to keep in mind it’s the beta, not the full game, so don’t expect to have countless hours of enjoyment from the BETA, it’s more or less there for the developers to address any major issues before the game’s release.

Beta Start Date

The beta of SOCOM 4 starts on April 5. If you have a copy of Killzone 3 then you can already play the SOCOM 4 beta.

Beta End Date

Beta ends on April 13th

SOCOM 4: More Strategy Required Than In Black Ops

With any shooting games which require great controls to aim, it takes a certain level of skill to be quick to aim and shoot and what not, but it really comes down to the how the game handles your controls, how flawlessly it reacts to you moving the controller slightly etc. I’ve got to say I was really happy with aiming and moving around the BETA, had no real problems with it at all, I thought it was very smooth and was easy to navigate though the map.

Now something I found interesting about SOCOM 4, you’ve got 2 core different modes to play in, you can either use third person mode, or if you attach a scope to your weapon, you can use a “over the shoulder” view mode, or down the scopes, it’s down to you, but it’s nice you have the freedom to choose how you aim/play/move.

I don’t see SOCOM 4 as a fast paced action game, if you look at Call Of Duty, it’s all very quick, fast moving action and storyline, you’ll find in SOCOM 4 it’s more about going a bit slower and using a lot more strategy to complete missions. The maps are (At least on the BETA) seemed to be of a decent size, not tiny, not huge, just right if I do say so myself.

SOCOM 4 Weapons – Overpowered?

Now the real issue I had a problem with, was the guns in the game, don’t get me wrong you’ve got a fair few to choose from, but you find some are really over powered, making it very easy to get killed. Plus I couldn’t really figure out if there was any recoil on any guns, it was just like shooting with no recoil, on every single gun.

Shooting a sniper without a recoil is just strange, combined with the fact the gun sounds don’t change, usually if you fire a rocket launcher, you’ll hear a rocket launcher like sound, SOCOM 4 doesn’t have that either.
Now I mean these are tiny details and they may change on the final release, but it’s pretty standard to have recoil + gun sounds in a shooting game these days, I didn’t really find anything “new” on the BETA either, it’s similar to a lot of other shooting games, similar storylines etc, nothing original as far as I can tell.

I know this is only the beta, but if Zipper don’t take taking notice of what people think of their game, hopefully they will because that’s the idea behind releasing the BETA, then I can see a lot of people having high expectations for the game when it is released and they simply won’t be getting them.

Published: Wednesday, March 30th, 2011 Last Modified: March 30, 2011

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