SOCL Launches With New Creation Tools

On Tuesday, Microsoft’s social experiment and social-networking site SOCL launched with new abilities and capabilities. With the latest additions, the SOCL site is gaining steam as a social-network to be reckoned with today.

With Tuesday’s late blog post on the SOCL site, the social-networking site developed by Microsoft came out with four new creation experiences that users can start using right away. They are live on the site, and can be used immediately on the SOCL site.



On Socl, the newest feature is Blink, which is allows users to capture a burst or large collection of images, Users who use the Blink feature on Socl will also be able to convert those images or transform them into a images that resemble a flip book of sorts.

Blink Cliplets

Second on the list is Blink Cliplets, which lets users create animated GIF’s to share on either the Socl site or other social network sites like Yahoo, Facebook. Tumblr, Instagram, or any other social site. Users are able to create them on any Windows 8 device and can send them to any user across the web.


The third feature of Socl is the Picotale, which lets users to blend their own photos and videos with other web content they find on the web. It’s more of a social video party tool than anything, but Socl is launching it today.

TypeScript Powers Socl

The last addition to Socl might be more of a behind the scenes feature of the site, but it includes the latest additions of Microsoft and its TypeScript to power the site. It will help users in the search queries on the site and help with Bing integation as well.

Tuesday’s announcements from Socl are showing that the social-network site is continuing to add features that users want and features that can make the Socl site more exciting and social for its users. Whether this is enough for users to want to continue using Socl on a daily basis, that is unknown, but Microsoft is giving new features and abilities to users with this latest batch. Socl is fighting to survive in the ever-changing social scene, and Microsoft is hoping this is enough to gain more users to Socl.

Published: Wednesday, June 19th, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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