Socialize Your Photo Editing With PicsArt On Windows 10

The number of photo editing apps on the Windows Store grows per day, but ones adding additional features to engage users isn’t. Almost anyone can edit a picture nowadays, but engaging users with them matters. Now, with PicsArt, you can socialize your photos.

PicsArt isn’t a new Windows 10 app, but is the #1 social photo editor on the Windows Store, and for Windows 10. It gives users a ton of features, and gives them ways to connect with a socail network and share them with others.

PicsArt Brings Social Photo Editing To Windows 10

PicsArt Features

With PicsArt, you have thousands of editing features at your fingertips, and you can remix photos with friends. Also, you can make any #freetoedit image your own, and do a ton of cool things to features, that other apps won’t let you.

It contains a social network that has a number of creators that you can connect with as well. By joining the community and movement, you can engage with users in over 20 languages and share your stuff, and learn via the newly updated tutorials.

Make Awesome Photo Editing Shots Social With PicsArt

Newly Updated Features

With PicsArt already has a ton of fans and glowing reviews, it gets updated frequently for its users. The new updates include a refresh of the app, that makes it brights, whiter, and now includes a number of newly added editing tools.

The newly added editing tools include a tilt shift tool, lens flares, and shape masks. Lastly, with the whole new look and feel, users can make their photos pop like never before, and give them new looks and share them with others.

PicsArt is a fun and social photo editing app. It’s free and worth the download if you enjoy sharing photos.

Published: Thursday, October 13th, 2016 Last Modified: October 13, 2016

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