So What Is New In Windows 10?

One thing that consumers will want to know right away is what exactly should they look forward to with Windows 10? Most consumers for the most part aren’t usually excited with operating system upgrades, but occasionally some are exciting enough to generate interest like Windows 10 is starting to now.

Windows 10 is meant to be a huge upgrade to consumers and business users, and Microsoft made it a point to overhaul the Windows 10 experience. The three major things that consumers and business users will see are the new start menus, virtual desktops, and apps that run in the desktop.

Microsoft Makes Windows 10 Users Happy With Updates

The Three Major Upgrades

Windows 10 is meant to please users of all levels and it will do so with a number of upgrades. The new start menu is the most overall facing update, that consumers and business users have been clammoring after since Windows 8 came out. Windows 10 has a new tiled interface that includes the start menu, and will make navigating programs easier than ever.

Next up, users will notice virtual desktops at their disposal. The virtual desktops will allow consumers and enterprise users to run programs in separate, virtualized desktops, and that is a first for Microsoft. Last up, the metro apps that run in the desktop will be the last major big item, as those in Windows 8 tended to confuse users.

Microsoft Gets Public Unveiling Of Updates For Windows 10

Why The Big 3 Matter

These 3 items may not seem to be game changing items in the world of Windows, but they are the biggest items requested from users. Taking away the Start Menu from users was the biggest gaffe that Microsoft made, and it quickly noted that they were working on a solution to appease users at all levels, and that was a major point.

Virtual desktops are important to enterprise and power users, but they also matter to those who want to run a business desktop and a family desktop for example. With Windows 10 they will be able to do that easily with the new operating system. Metro apps in the desktop will make app downloaders happy, as they can finally run in the Windows desktop, and not just in the tiled world of Windows.

These three updates are big for Windows 10. They matter, and they are built for Windows 10 users in mind.

Published: Wednesday, November 12th, 2014 Last Modified: November 12, 2014

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