So, What Happened To Microsoft At CES This Year?

As CES is the world’s biggest tech trade show, Microsoft has disappeared from the show, and gone are the years when they gave keynotes and elaborate presentations. During this weeks CES show, Microsoft wasn’t to be seen, and many wonder where they are during this mammoth show.

The CES Show in Las Vegas, which is held annually in Las Vegas features the largest software and hardware makers around, but Microsoft hasn’t been around this year. The company has always had huge booths and elaborate presentations, but this year, it wasn’t so.

Microsoft At CES In 2014 Is A Little Bare

Why Microsoft Left CES

I’ll start this off as someone who has attended both the CES and COMDEX shows in the past. Microsoft always gave the opening keynote, and had the biggest booths around, and had hundreds of employees showing off their latest software, hardware, and enterprise solutions. But, as I went last year I noticed they weren’t really there.

Interviews today with Microsoft personnel, off the record, are showing that the company is more interested in meeting with partners and other clients in private meetings versus elaborate displays. The company has been rumored to have had a falling out with the Consumer Electronics Association about CES, but those rumors aren’t proving true.

Is Microsoft At War With The CES: No According To Microsoft

Why Would Microsoft Not Appear?

With the CES attracting over 100,000 trade professionals, buyers, and press the thought of why Microsoft wouldn’t be at CES is important. With the Xbox One, Office 365, Lumia Phones, and the upstart of Windows Phone, having a major display one would think would be very important to Microsoft. Apparently not according to sources.

Microsoft is taking a different path, and doing business behind closed doors and in private hotel suites in Las Vegas. With every major business partner and client in town for the week, Microsoft can schedule meetings with them all and sign deals on the fly. Also, Microsoft is building its own private trade and elaborate events like the Build conference to concentrate on nowadays. Microsoft doesn’t need to fight to be at the front of the line at CES, and is fine with a position that they are in today. I think its smart, and one that Apple and other companies have done too.

I’ve done CES and the crowds, and it’s a mess. Taxi lines, huge crowds, and expensive rooms. I’ll do a hotel meeting with Microsoft any day over the show floor, and that’s why they are doing. Smart move Microsoft.

Published: Friday, January 10th, 2014 Last Modified: January 10, 2014

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