So Long Spartan and Hello Microsoft Edge

Ever since the Windows 10 Insider Program was announced, the buzz about the newest browser was codenamed Spartan. The Spartan browser has been hinted at, released in limited release, and written up at length. On Wednesday, during its Build Show, Microsoft changed the name of Spartan to Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft Edge is the newest browser for users, that will be available for Windows 10 only. It’s all about giving user the best web experience, and one that will make it easy to use the web. It will allow for easy sharing, reading, researching, and getting things done.

Microsoft's Spartan Browser Becomes Microsoft Edge In Rebranding During Build Show

What Can Edge Do?

On Microsoft’s page, they unveiled the name of the next generation browser during its Build Show. It shows off how the user allows for seamless browsing, inking, includes a reader view, and easy sharing. It also shows off how the user can use Cortana’s virtual assistant to search the web and gather content.

The biggest part about Microsoft Edge, is the fast and clean interface that has been written from the ground up. It’s very different from Internet Explorer, and is totally responsive and streamlined. It brings content to the user, and doesn’t clutter the screen with stuff the user doesn’t want on their screen.

Microsoft's Edge Browser Is A Windows 10 Exclusive

Part of Windows 10 Only

The biggest part of Microsoft Edge, is that it will only be available for Windows 10, and not be available for Windows 7 or 8.1. Microsoft is using Windows 10 to distribute this browser, and uses all of the latest API’s and programming to get it flowing. It can be tested now via the Windows Insider Program.

Microsoft is letting users take a spin with Microsoft edge via the Insider Program, and has updated it with the latest build released on Wednesday. The Build show was the first day of the public naming of Microsoft Edge, and Microsoft wants to get Microsoft Edge in front of as many people as they can.

Spartan becomes Edge starting Wednesday. I’ve tried it, and like it a lot, do you?

Published: Thursday, April 30th, 2015 Last Modified: April 30, 2015

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