Snaps and 22 Tracks Latest Sites From Microsoft Labs

The group within Microsoft Labs is always looking to make the multimedia experience even better, and with photos and videos continually growing across the web, it is a high importance. Microsoft this week launched Snaps and 22 Tracks as sites to highlight those items.

By launching these smaller sites outside of the Microsoft umbrella, the Microsoft team is testing users interest in photos and music. Discovering new music and photos is always a fun thing, and Microsoft is giving users new ways to enjoy both for absolutely free.

Microsoft Shows Off 22 Tracks For Users To Find New Music From DJ's

22 Tracks

22 Tracks was launched at BUILD, and it is a touch-first music discovery experience. It brings together 22 top DJ’s from around the planet, and they share their hottest music from their collections. It could be from their playlists, their favorite choices, or just what they like at the moment.

The collaboration of bring DJ’s to the public space is great, and the site highlights great HTML 5 web design, a overall multimedia experience, and great technology with the site. Audio visualizers are live on the site, and users can share their favorite tracks with the Windows 8 Charm Bar as well.

Microsoft's Satya Nadella Shows Off Microsoft Snaps On Launch


On the other end of the multimedia experience, Microsoft on Thursday launched the site called Snaps. The site is meant to bring together photographs and stories from Microsoft in one place. It’s from the editors at Microsoft, and shows off the people and moments from within Microsoft. It will bring the events of Microsoft, the publicity events, and social interactions of the company in one place to view.

The highlights of the initial launch include the new CEO Satya Nadella, and is a visual treat for sure. It will be Microsoft focused of course, but will be a site for visual enjoyment and storytelling. Microsoft is doing this to give users a way to view the sites of Microsoft in one place, and give them a visual treat as well. This might evolve into a public facing product one day in the future, but it appears as a social tool for the company for now.

Snaps and 22 Tracks are two interesting Microsoft projects. One is music, and the other is visual, and both are great new additions by the company.

Published: Friday, May 23rd, 2014 Last Modified: May 23, 2014

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