SmartGlass For Windows 8 Now Supports: Forza Horizon

Microsoft Forza Horizon Smartglass Windows 8 Thumb3 Gamers take note — Forza Horizon now comes with SmartGlass support that can turn your Windows 8 tablet in to a secondary screen inside the game that displays an interactive map.

Forza Horizon Brings Out Windows 8 SmartGlass Support

Despite its name, SmartGlass is not actually an augmented reality device meant to be worn as special Sci-Fi goggles. But it is something that is almost as cool. It is a technology built in to Windows 8 and Xbox to act as a second screen for all kinds of applications. For example, when using your Xbox to stream a TV episode, you can simultaneously look up information about the show on your tablet. Or as Forza Horizon has done it — you can use your tablet to look at the map whilst the main screen connected to your Xbox shows you the actual game screen with the HUD.

Forza Horizon is a game that allows gamers to experience the great state of Colorado on their own, which means there’s a fairly large amount of distance to cover and keep track. SmartGlass makes for a smart solution by allowing you to use your Windows 8 tablet as an interactive map. The advantage of this map is that you can operate it without disturbing the actual game. The map itself is the same as what is available inside the game but through SmartGlass, it can handle things such as setting up waypoints without hampering the on going game. Currently available for only Windows 8 tablets, it is time gamers got the feel of having a real navigator sit beside them by handing the SmartGlass tablet to their friends and family members.

The map also shows the locations of upgrade discount signs all over the state that can be smashed through to get them. It also alerts the user about new races and highlights their locations on the map. And all without having to stop the game. No news yet for the same feature to be available through the Android SmartGlass app for Xbox. Have patience though, Windows 8 is barely out of the bubble wrap and Microsoft will give it first priority for now.

Published: Wednesday, October 31st, 2012 Last Modified: October 31, 2012

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