SmartGlass: A Second Screen On Your Mobilephone Or Tablet For Additional Information (Video!)

Smart Glass Pretty Cool Feature

SmartGlass adds a second screen that can display additional information to your Xbox. This can be a mobilephone or a tablet


SmartGlass Has Got a Bad Rep, but Here’s What You Should Know About it

I did rip on SmartGlass a little, and so did the South Park co-creators during the Microsoft conference, but if you look at the finer details then you’ll see it’s a very promising piece of software. And that what we’re going to do right now, so here’s what you should know about the software.

The hands-on comes courtesy of The Verge, who seemed to be one of the few outlets actually reporting on the service, and did say the service is a Wi-Fi remote app. The app syncs with SmartGlass-enabled content, whatever that may be.

SmartGlass is built around what Microsoft describe as activities, which covers everything from a director’s cut of a TV show to interactive maps of a video game. An example of the latter, as we’ve previously reported, was the ability to manage plays from a tablet in an NFL Madden game.

Microsoft is also hoping the content creators will use the bonus material for app and put it on Blu-rays, DVDs, website and apps. I think I’d still prefer to use the app, though, because the content is being provided live as it happens. I don’t want to watch a TV show twice.

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A game called Ascend has reportedly been on how, which can on the Lumia 900 and showed a map with the player’s location. It’s neat, but I’m not sure if I’d want to be looking down at my phone and away from the screen. If I could rest the tablet up against my TV though, I’d use that.

I think the real selling point is that the app works on iOS and Android devices, because video can be streamed on one SmartGlass-enabled device and resumed on another. That means I could own a Galaxy Nexus smartphone and iPad, but could view the same content. I can then stream that content to my Xbox. That’s without the Wii U being around, so there’s less incentive to use it. However, will Apple allow that kind of functionality?

Of course, the Wii already has exclusives such as Rayman Legends. And with its conference in under two hours, we’re very excited.

Published: Wednesday, June 6th, 2012 Last Modified: June 6, 2012

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