SlingPlayer Plus Skype Plus Xbox One Updates On Friday

Just when it was a slow news cycle for Microsoft, on Friday the company had three major updates for a variety of its products. From a media streaming program available for Windows 8, Skype getting Android Tablet support, and Xbox One getting original programming, it is a busy Friday.

The wide variety of updates from Microsoft on Friday surrounding the SlingPlayer release for Windows 8, Skype updates for Android Tablets, and Xbox One Original Programming kept Microsoft fans hitting the refresh button. The company is pushing updates out frequently as 2013 draws to an end.

SlingPlayer And Skype For Android Get Microsoft Friday Updates

SlingPlayer For Windows 8 Plus Skype For Android

The first major news story from Microsoft was the announcement that the SlingPlayer app being available for Windows 8. The app is free for a 24-hour period, and then cost $15. The app can be used to stream media from a users SlingPlayer device, and can be used on Windows 8.1 and Windows RT Devices, and is available today.

The other major news was the Skype picture-in-picture update for Android tablets. The update to Skype will allow those who use Skype on Android tablets to browse the web or enjoy a game, all while enjoying a Skype video chat on their tablets. Other updates include finding contacts quicker, and should please many Android tablet fans.

Xbox Original Programming Coming Soon To Xbox One

Original Programming For Xbox One

The last other news from Microsoft on Friday was about the upcoming original TV programming for the Xbox One. Microsoft is anticipating the content to be available during the second quarter of 2014, and has taken somewhat longer than expected. The idea is to bring all new content including Halo The Television Series to the Xbox One.

Microsoft is trying to line up exclusives to the Xbox One, and put only the best on Xbox or only on Xbox when it comes to content. The amount of content exclusive to the Xbox One could be limited at first, but is trying to compete with Netflix and Amazon to get the best available content for its Xbox One customers using Xbox Live Gold.

I enjoy that Microsoft is updating its products regularly. These latest Friday updates show Microsoft isn’t putting the year away yet, and is updating its products quickly.

Published: Saturday, December 14th, 2013 Last Modified: December 14, 2013

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