Sling TV App Gains DVR Features On Windows 10 Update

If you are a cordcutter like I am, you know that finding the right TV service that streams on your Windows 10 machine is important. I’ve been using Sling a lot lately, and its new Windows 10 app now includes the cloud DVR feature that makes it awesome.

Sling is a major streaming TV service available across Windows 10 devices and many other platforms. It has a number of subscription offerings for people to try out, but a new Cloud DVR feature that has been teased, allows for cloud taping of your shows.

Sling TV App Adds Cloud DVR Features On Windows 10

Cloud DVR Features

With the addition of the Cloud DVR feature on the Windows 10 app, users can click on the shows details, and then choose Record series. Users can then use advanced features to get the new or repeated episodes as they wish, but it’s worth it for your favorite shows.

The newest Cloud DVR feature though isn’t included with the regular subscription service of Sling, and has a $5 per month addition. This gives you 50 hours of recording space, and it deletes older watched shows for new shows when you run out of space.

Watch ESPN & Other TV Channels On Sling For Windows 10

Is It Worth It?

The Sling app for Windows 10 certainly gets its fair share of updates, and the service on Windows 10 machines is fairly stable. An extra $5 per month isn’t a gamechanger for many, and should actually get more people using the service to tape favorite shows.

One thing lacking with the cordcutting generation is a DVR feature, and Sling is quick to integrate it. Services like YouTube TV offers it for a similar price, but the Sling interface is slicker and more professional than that, and comes with a free trial too.

If you use Sling TV, update the app for the newest Cloud DVR services. It’s a nice addition, and a $5/month service worth adding.

Published: Saturday, June 24th, 2017 Last Modified: June 24, 2017

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