Slack Windows 10 App Updated With Japanese Input

If you use Slack during your everyday workflow, you know how important the Windows 10 app has been for productivity. Its latest version has added Japanese input, which had been previously broken.

The Slack App is made by Slack, and is the app to use if you use the messaging service across your Windows 10 machines. It has gotten frequent updates, and the latest should help those needed Japanese support.

Slack App For Windows 10 Gets Japanese Input Support & Bug Fixes


With its latest release to the Windows Store, Slack has added back Japanese input to the app. They even state that it was introduced in 2.6.3, broken in 2.8.0, but now its been fixed for Slack users to enjoy.

Also with the newest version of the Windows 10 app, an electron update has been included to improve security. The app doesn’t specifically state what was fixed, but up to date security with this app always helps out.

Slack Integration With Services Makes It A Great Windows 10 App For Enterprise Users

Is Slack For You?

A lot has been talked about with Slack and its Windows 10 app from users. It arrived as a primary download on their own site only, but its branced to the Windows Store and gets updates often.

The Slack service itself is primarily for business and enterprise users for the most part, but it is one that gets talked about a ton. The messaging, notifications, and chat elements make it a fine tool in the workplace for many who use it daily.

The newest Slack app is up on the Windows Store. Update, and get its newest bug fixes and even Japanese input if you need it.

Published: Wednesday, October 4th, 2017 Last Modified: October 4, 2017

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