Slack Users Get Skype In Preview

One of the more popular enterprise prdocuts available in the past year, has been Slack. This communications tool has captured a lot of users, and its very popular. On Thursday, Skype came to Slack in a preview build.

Slack is a communications tool that allows teams to communicate across the world. Its ease of use makes it a fun tool to use, and now adding Skype to it, allows for calls to be made and stay connected.

Microsoft Gives Slack Users A Preview Build Of Skype

New Slack With Skype Tool

Now, users can get Skype built into Slack, by visiting the Skype integration for Slack product page. They can then Add To Slack, and users will be able to communicate and make calls to other Slack users.

Slack users can type ‘/skype’ into the chat, and a join link will appear. This allows users to start chatting and making calls with others. Users can use a web browser or mobile app to join the call if needed.

Microsoft Courts Slack Users With Skype Preview

Now Available

Users are able to download the preview starting today, and it means that Slack users anywhere can start using Skype for Slack. Users can use their Microsoft Account or Skype Name in the calls.

This product is a new version of Skype for Slack, and is a preview mode only for now. It has some known bugs, and users are encouraged to share the bugs with Skype. It though will make Slack an even more valued tool.

Skype and Slack make a great combo. If you use Slack, try out the Skype preview today.

Published: Friday, January 15th, 2016 Last Modified: January 15, 2016

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