Slack For Windows 10 Beta Desktop App Gets Big Updates

Slack is either a product that you get, you simply don’t need, or one that your business uses on a daily basis. The communications and unified messaging tool has been beta testing its Windows 10 desktop app, and its latest updates give it a lot more features.

Slack has come out of nowhere, and has become a major communications tool in both small and large sized businesses. It allows for simple communications with teams, and its Windows 10 app has brought new features, and fixed a number of them as well.

Slack Updates Windows 10 Beta App On Desktop

Slack New Features

With its desktop beta app, Slack has brought enhanced Windows 10 notifications to users, that includes the senders prodile picture and image attachments. Additionally, when resuming from sleep, it sets an alarm behind the scenes and wakes up faster.

Users will also see a new shiny about box the shows the licenses. Lastly, users will be able to see the release notes in the Help > Whats’s New next time feature of the app. These are more technical updates, but pushes towards a final app for many.

Windows 10 Gets Updated Slack Beta App

Slack Fixes

With its fixes, Slack has fixed a feature where teams could fall out of any sensible order in the sidebar, and has now put them back in formation. Additionally, the sidebar now shows the channel list color versus the background color.

Users will also see the always show menu checked when it should be checked, and unchecked when it shouldn’t be. Lastly, they opened developer tools via a troubleshooting link, and should please devs. This is version 2.1 and is available now.

Slack is a great business tool for many. The Windows 10 beta is continuing on, and proves to be a great app to come.

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Published: Wednesday, July 6th, 2016 Last Modified: July 6, 2016

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