Skyrim Gets Kinect Integration, Kinect-Specific UIs Coming this Month

Skryim Kinect Integration

Skyrim to get Kinect motion sensing technology that allows you to control Skyrim using your voice. A Kinect UI will be released this month!

Whether it works or not is a different question, but the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is getting Kinect integration

Ever imagined not using a controller to play a Elder Scrolls Game? No? Neither have I. Despite that, Bethesda are introducing Kinect into the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and say it’s due this month.

The integration may not be all bad, though. Shouts – which allows players to launch special and powerful abilities for brief moments – are a key feature of the Kinect integration. Without Kinect, users had to go to the menu and pick a shout for the particular scenario. With Kinect, players just shout out the chant and it works. In terms of badassery, that’s right up there with any form of Kinect integration. So get ready to shout Fus Roh Dah too much.

Voice can also be used to issue to issue Follower commands, through commands such as “Ally wait,” “Ally follow” and “Ally attack,” and navigate menus. The last point is interesting, because Skyrim’s menu was designed with a controller in mind as it worked on multiple planes from left to right. Using hands to navigate these menus would be tricky, so something specific would be needed. Bethesda have said there will be new options for sorting the inventory, along with new map functionality, so I imagine this will be more Kinect-friendly.

Weapon switching

Players can also use voice to change strategies mid-game, equipping weapons and spells together or alone. Similarly players can loot through voice, and navigate the menu entirely through voice with commands such as “Sort by weight” and “My items.” I’m not sure that’s going to be completely fluid, because going back and forth between items will take quite a while. And really, who’s going to use Kinect to play Skyrim in such depth anyway? It’s much easier to pick up a controller to do longer tasks.

If you know the name of locations in Skyrim, say the name and the cursor will move to that location. Apart from the main areas, I doubt many people actually know that many locations. A “Where am I?” command resets the cursor.

Players can cheat death for the “Quick save” and “Quick load” commands, which is pretty net.

Published: Friday, April 13th, 2012 Last Modified: March 12, 2014

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