Skype’s Group Voice and Video Calls Get Expanded

One of the more interesting aspects of Skype for many, is the group calling features that many use. They are used in the personal, education, and enterprise markets, and enable up to 25 different people to carry on a video group conversation at one time. On Monday, Microsoft announced the expanded availability of Group Voice and Video Calls.

Users who have used Skype on the desktop have been able to use Skype’s Group Video and Video Calls for sometime, and was first done as just a premium feature. But, as Skype has evolved beyond the desktop, Skype has grown to Skype for Web and Skype for, and Microsoft has seen increased usage on Skype on those platforms.

Microsoft Updates Skype for and Skype For Web

Video Calling and Group Calling To New Areas

In its blog post on Monday, Microsoft and Skype announced the availability of Skype’s free group voice and group video calls to Skype for Web and Skype for This means that users who want to use Skype on any other platform beyond the desktop client will be able to carry on group calls. This is great for users on the go and those mobile users.

Skype has made it very easy for users to use free group calling with Skype for Web or Skype for Users will need to sign into either service, select +new to start a new conversation, add friends to the call, click confirm, and then begin. Skype has limited 25 people to voice calls and 10 on video calls for now, and this is huge for both platforms.

Microsoft Shows Skype For Web With Group Video Call Updates

Skype for Web & Grow In Usage

Both Skype for Web and has increased in usage, and Microsoft is actively courting and soliciting users for feedback with these platforms. Microsoft knows of active bugs with version 1.7 in production, and those include the presenter view not being available and participants not being able to be added or removed during the call.

Version 1.7 is a work in progress and still a free product from Microsoft. Users are using it, and leaving Microsoft feedback in the Skype community. All of this feedback will make Skype across these new platforms better and easier to use. It’s never been better to be a Skype user, and one who is eager to try it across new platforms.

The new Skype features are available now. They are exciting to try out, and free group video calls await you today.

Published: Tuesday, August 4th, 2015 Last Modified: August 4, 2015

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