Skype XT Announcement Plus Xbox One On YouTube

On Monday, Microsoft made a few different multimedia announcements that covered a few different products, but both should please different folks. At the NAB Show, Skype TX was announced and the Xbox One just got a lot more YouTube thanks to an update on Tuesday.

The NAB Show in Las Vegas is known for its audible of professional broadcasters, but it brought out Skype’s latest product in Skype TX. Additionally, YouTube got the latest next generation console update, which will make broadcasting game clips so much easier.

Microsoft Shows Off Latest Skype TX At NAB Show In Las Vegas

Skype TX

Skype has been a product that has been used by consumers and professionals, but it has mainly been a consumer product overall. At the NAB Show in Las Vegas, Skype announced a brand new version of the program, with studio-grade audio and video for broadcasters, which should please them immensely.

The newest Skype TX will have broadcast standard HD-SDI support, and handle multiple calls at the same time. Call notifications and ads will be something in the past, and it should be a huge boost for broadcasters. Additionally, the Skype TX product will offer better reliability and uptime. No prices or timing was announced sadly.

Microsoft Xbox One Users Now Can Upload Clips To YouTube

Xbox One Gets YouTube Clips

Users of the Xbox One have recently gotten the ability to upload their clips to Twitch and do broadcasting, but on Tuesday will get the addition of being able to have users upload their clips to YouTube. This will be a huge boost over the Playstation 4, and will make a huge difference for players who like to upload their latest clips to YouTube.

The software update will hit Xbox One users on Tuesday according to the Xbox Wire, and will be a simple few configurations to get it started. Users can then say Xbox Record and then upload their clips to YouTube. Gamers who love to share their latest kills, latest touchdowns and latest goals will find this a huge plus, and will make Playstation 4 fans jealous with this latest update. It will be a free update for the Xbox One, and should hit Xbox One consoles from Microsoft on Tuesday.

Both Skype XT and this YouTube announcement are media plays. They give Microsoft the broadcast level Skype product, and make YouTube a new Xbox One partner ahead.

Published: Tuesday, April 8th, 2014 Last Modified: April 8, 2014

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