Skype Wi-Fi Rebrands As Microsoft Wi-Fi

Skype has been a very succesful product from Microsoft, but as many travellers might know, Skype also has a Wi-Fi part of their business, which showcases where Wi-Fi spots are located around the planet and in airports particularly. On Tuesday, Microsoft decided to rebrand this service to its own name.

While the final branding is still under lock and key, numerous sources are stating that the Skype Wi-Fi brand name is no more, and Microsoft will be rebranding it as Microsoft Wi-Fi. This is probably towards a strong push as Windows 10 approaches, and spreads the name of Microsoft vs Skype.

Microsoft Is Expected To Rebrand Skype WiFi TO Microsoft Wi-Fi

Part Of Office 365 Enterprise

One of the biggest pieces of this rebranding puzzle, is the expansion of this product into Office 365 Enterprise. This will help business users connect to Wi-Fi hotspots, and utilize people to use Wi-Fi connections whenever possible. This will be important as Wi-Fi grows around the world as well.

With the new service, three service levels are expected to launch. These include a individual plan, and two separate business/enterprise level plans. With Windows Phone having data sense built into it, it can connect automatically to Wi-Fi spots without logins, and can be a pay service or subscription service for Microsoft.

Microsoft Gives Maps To Find Microsoft Wi-Fi Spots In Ad-Hoc Map Image

Worldwide Coverage

This rebranding of Microsoft Wi-Fi will have global appeal, as Microsoft states they have over 10 million Wi-Fi spots already, with Skype only having 2 million. These spots can be found in over 130 countries, and can be found in airports, hotels, restaurants, museums, libraries, and other public spots.

Additionally, maps can help guide users to the Wi-Fi spots, and Microsoft can sell Wi-Fi cards to connect users anywhere. A simple Microsoft Wi-Fi app can also be built to be cross platform, and work with Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Windows PHone. This should be interesting as it launches soon.

I’ve used Skype Wi-Fi and it works well. Now, it becomes Microsoft Wi-Fi, and with better changes added. A true win-win.

Published: Wednesday, June 3rd, 2015 Last Modified: June 3, 2015

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