Skype Video Messaging Arrives On Windows Phone 8

Wednesday marked an important date for Windows Phone 8 users, when the update of Skype hit the Windows Phone 8. The update gives Windows Phone 8 users the ability to leave video messages from their Windows Phones

Users have been wanting this video messaging update for Skype for a while, and finally have it. The update released on Wednesday by Skype will allow users from all over the globe to leave video messages for family and friends starting today.


Version Available Immediately

As soon as Skype and Microsoft could announce the update, it was available on the Windows Phone store. Version was updated to reflect the video messaging update. It has been available on iOS and Android, and was missing from Windows Phone 8. Comments by Microsoft stated it would come eventually, and now it is available for users.

Now Send And View Video Messages

Previously, Windows Phone 8 users were only able to view video messages, but now they will be able to create them as well, and for free. The free way to send a loved one or a friend a quick video message for them to view whenever they want is a huge addition to Skype and Windows Phone, and has become very popular with Skype users.

Change Log

The boring change log for Skype for Windows Phone 8 included general fixes and speed improvements along with the video messaging update. The general bug fixes while exciting were definitely overshadowed by the video messaging update, and we would imagine that the downloads were fast and furious from the Windows Phone store.

The simple yet exciting updates for Skype mark another improvement for Windows Phone 8. The software is quickly gaining apps, updates, and improved phones, and the latest addition of video messaging for it will only make it better. Users are always looking for new ways to use their phone, and video messaging family and friends for free, is definitely the way to go. Users need reasons to download and use Windows Phones, and this update will give them the power to do so. Download it starting today.

Published: Saturday, September 7th, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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