Skype Updates Windows 10 App To Make It More Modern

Skype is an app that is built into Windows 10, and its enjoyed the same design for a while, and has been successful. This past week, Microsoft has updated its UWP Windows app, and has ditched the hamburger menu and more.

The latest updates to the UWP Version of Skype, has either pleased many users or angered them. Microsoft is trying to make the Skype app more modern, but risks alienating those who love the classic style.

Get To Calls & Messages Easier With Skype Update

Locate Calls & Share To Friends

The first major thing that Skype has done with the app, is help users get to their calls and conversations much faster. Users can start new conversations easier, see their profile, and visit the dial paid from the top of recent conversations.

Secondly, Microsoft has made it a lot easier for users to share files, videos, photos, links, and more directly to users. They can do it from the Windows 10 PC, clicking on the Windows share charm, and select Skype.

Share Images & Files With Ease With Skype Updates For July

New Message Reactions & More

Getting a reaction to a message on Skype really hasn’t been there for users, but now users can just tap on a reaction icon next to a message or video call. This lets users express how they feel at any time.

Microsoft is rolling out the newest Skype updates on its UWP app and updating users on the updates on their Skype blog. The updates will help the Skype app evolve, and get more users enjoying the newest features of the app.

Skype is of course free and on Windows 10. It’s latest updates are rolling out shortly, and should arrive on your Windows 10 PC soon.

Published: Saturday, July 15th, 2017 Last Modified: July 15, 2017

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