Skype Updates Its UWP Windows 10 App With Features

When Skype released their Universal Windows Platform version of its app, the thoughts behind it gave users either positive or negative vibes. November though, bring new updates to its UWP app on Windows 10.

By creating the UWP version of Skype for Windows 10, they have one main update across platforms, and new features for users. While its not updated as much as their mobile or desktop apps, it has nice new features.

Skype UWP App Updates For Windows 10 Users

Now With Mentions & Deleting Chats

The first thing that users will notice with the updated UWP version of Skype, is the @ mentions. Now a users can type “@” followed by the persons name, and that person will be mentioned in a group conversation.

Secondly, users can now delete conversations by right clicking on any chat. By doing this, the chat will be deleted forever, and that can help with unwanted conversations or chats that lost their way.

Skype Updates Give Users Happiness In November Updates

Controlling Presence

Thirdly, users are now able to set their presence on Skype. Users can go into their profile and select Active, No Dot Disturb, or Invisible. This has been wanted by a lot of users, and now its available.

These new updates to the UWP app of Skype are being rolled out with the 12.8.487.0 version of the app. The app hasn’t gotten updates on the web, but users can find them when they launch the new app.

The Skype UWP app is great, and a worthy download. Get the latest version, and see the updates for yourself.

Published: Wednesday, November 15th, 2017 Last Modified: November 15, 2017

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