Skype Updated With Click To Call and Outlook Updates

Skype has been getting a number of updates as of late, and its deep inclusion into is something that users love. Just clicking a button from your email and calling is simple and it simply works. On Wednesday, Microsoft updated Click to Call and updates for Skype to make it work better.

There is no doubt that Click to Call and working together with Skype has been highly successful. It works, it is simple, and very easy to work together. The updates to both of these on Wednesday, showcase Microsoft’s commitment to Skype, and to its tools and 3rd party integration as well.

Microsoft Expands Click To Call To Mobile Devices

Click To Call Goes Mobile

The Click to Call feature of Skype has been available on the desktop for sometime, but users have been wanting the feature on their mobile devices. It’s a very useful feature, and one that millions of users use on a monthly basis. Microsoft unveiled a beta of the Call from Mobile feature on Wednesday.

With the beta, users can send the phone number from the browser to Skype on the mobile, and users can then make the call right away. It’s available now on Android, and will be rolling it out to other platforms soon. It’s a useful feature that Android users will use, and hopefully others will soon as well.

Microsoft Gives The Skype Update For All To Try Gets Skype Overhaul

Users who use, have been using Skype on it regularly. did an update leately, and now the new version of the Skype inclusion has been rolled out for all users. It allows users to make calls directly from, and opens the Skype sidebar to converse with others.

With the Skype update, users can pick up conversations with friends and family, make a call via audio or video, and use the full Skype experience on It’s being rolled out starting on Wednesday, and will take a few months to roll it out to all users. But, it looks amazing in its pictures.

Skype is a big product that Microsoft is proud to boast about. These updates show users use it, and love it.

Published: Thursday, June 4th, 2015 Last Modified: June 4, 2015

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