Skype Update Lets Anyone Join A Conversation

One of the many bugs with Skype, was the inability to let anyone just join a conversation. Skype and Microsoft have known about this, and have been looking for fixes. Thursday delivered that fix, and makes it easier for anyone to join a conversation.

The updates made to Skype on Thursday, now allow the abiity to invite anyone to a Skype chat, and all they have to do is share a unique link, associated with that conversation. This can be shared anywhere, and with anyone you want.

Microsoft Gives Skype Users New Conversation Starter

Share and Join

With the new updates to Skype, users can now share a special link with anyone, and that person can join the conversation. This can be shared on Facebook, email, WhatsApp, Messenger, Twitter, or anywhere you want to share with that person.

This will make it easier for those outside a conversation to join in. Users can join via Skype for Web, and enjoy one to one, or group instant messaging. This includes video, audio, and other calls, and doesn’t require the Skype app this way.

Microsoft's Windows Phone Version Of Skype Updated With Skype Conversation Update

How To Do It

All a user has to to is click a link, and they can join a Skype conversation via Skype for iPhone, iPad, or Android. It’s initially being rolled out to US and UK users, and is scheduled to roll out to the rest of the world soon.

A user just needs to click +New in the latest version of Skype, and they can then generate a link for someone to join. It’s been made very simple, and this makes it easy across any platform to join in. This is a major breakthrough for Skype.

Skype’s new conversation joiner is a big thing. Try it out and let us know how you like it.

Published: Sunday, October 18th, 2015 Last Modified: October 18, 2015

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