Skype Unveils New Mac and Desktop Clients

Skype is used across a number of platforms, and as the world continues to grow, it continues to grow by the minute. On Thursday, Skype and Microsoft annnounced a new series of updates for Skype. It has come out with a new Skype client for Mac, and a new desktop experience for Windows users.

With the refreshed updates to the Skype Mac and Windows desktop clients, it makes the Skype experience a brand new thing. It also shows off that the Skype team in continually working on it, and giving users a ton of features that they will use day to day.

Microsoft's Skype Launches New Skype 7.0 Client

Skype For Mac 7.0

The brand new Skype for Mac 7.0 was released on Thursday, and it contains a number of new features and fixes. From the feature side, it has a design refresh, new file transfer experience, support for large emoticons, favorite conversations that roam, experiences a new 64-bit application, and support for instant messaging formatting.

With the updates to the Mac format, Skype also issued a number of bug fixes. From the ability to fix occasional post-call crashes, a logic crash bug fix, updates to screen shairng, updates to sidebar pictures, and finally group chat picture fixes, the Skype for Mac 7.0 fixes it all. It’s available to download now, and is worth the download for those who use Skype on the Mac client today.

Microsoft's Skype Launches New Skype 7.0 Client

Skype Windows Refresh Launched

Skype also came out with a new desktop PC experience that shows off the new design and mobile aspects of Skype. It has a new improved chat experience, the ability to chat and call with one click, has free group video calling, and a number of new features. The Windows preview client is available to try out and the Skype for Mac 7.0 is live to download as well.

With the desktop experience, Skype got a number of updates that users will enjoy. It brings together the experiences of the mobile platform, and highlight the power of the PC with Skype as well. The number of updates are some of the biggest ones to date, and users will instantly see the updates when they download the client. It’s a big improvement and one that users will want to experience today.

These new Skype updates are live and downloadable. They are worth downloading and trying them out if you use Skype.

Published: Monday, October 13th, 2014 Last Modified: October 13, 2014

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