Skype TX Gets Partners & More Official News

SKype TX is a product that is mainly geared at professionals, but its a product that many amateurs and wannabe video makers will be finding very interesting. On Friday, Skype came out with its official partners for the product, which should please those looking for Skype TX soon.

The Skype TX product, when it was announced in April of this year, was announced at the NAB Las Vegas show, which is geared at professionals in broadcasting, but also in Internet broadcasting. This new announcement means that Skype TX is coming, and sooner than expected from Microsoft and Skype.

Microsoft and Skype Announce Skype TX Partners Including NewTek

Partners For Skype TX

In its blog post on Friday, Microsoft announced that three companies would be joining Skype in making its Skype TX line of products. They are new hardware partners to Skype, but not to professionals. These companies are NetTek, Quicklink, and Riedel.

These three companies have been named partners of Skype TX, and are the three main companies for the building of Skype TX certified hardware and software. These companies will be building equipment and software that allows Skype to work better with broadcast equipment, production equipment, and build a better professional Skype product.

Microsoft's Skype Announces Skype TX Partners & Products

Skype TX Product

The Skype TX product is geared to make Skype seamless and to add full frame video and audio via SDI. It is also being made to optimize the experience for the broadcast crews by being cost effective and also to work within the studios better for small and large scale studios.

The Skype TX product by being announced, has gotten a lot of interest from studios, sice it will allow multiple Skype calls in one interface, have operator previews for large studios, and give operators and producers an amazing product. NewTek and the other partners announced will be in charge of getting these out to them. No official release date has been announced by either of these three companies, but hopefully by the end of 2014, we should start to see some idea of products, pricing and equipment.

Skype TX is huge for the future of Skype. Studios use it now, but its a poor production product, and with Skype TX, it can become a professional product that studios can depend on in the future.

Published: Monday, September 15th, 2014 Last Modified: September 15, 2014

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