Skype Translator Released In Preview Form

One of the more exciting products announced this year was from Skype, and it was around their Skype Translator service. This service, which allows for two users to communicate in foreign languages, also translates on the fly for them. On Monday, it finally was released, albeit in preview mode.

In multiple blog posts on Monday, Skype went into great detail on the Skype Translator Service, what languages would be intially supported, and how it would work. This preview launch is available for those who signed up early, and who fit the criteria from Skype to try it out.

Microsoft Announces Preview Release Of Skype Translator App

English and Spanish First

In its blog post, Skype stated that the Skype Translator service would only be initially available to Spanish-speaking and English-speaking Skype customers. These users have to use Windows 8.1 or the Windows 10 Technical Preview on their desktop as well. But, the updated app does allow 40 languages of IM text translations.

The reason for the limited initial launch circled around the fact that the preview stage is critical to the project. Feedback is incredibly important to Skype on this, and by limiting it to Spanish and English speakers, it can listen to those users, field any issues, and then make it smarter for more languages around the world.

Microsoft Shows Off Skype Translator App During Tech Show Earlier In 2014

How Skype Translator Helps Users

In its blog post, Skype talked about the technology behind the new Skype Translator app, and its a lot of machine language learning and a lot of programming and learning that it needs to do. It is being launched in a few areas first, and its a new set of technology that even the Skype engineers are still learning.

This Skype Translator app will be huge for the educational, governmental, and business worlds, and can make it easier for people around the world to have real-time conversations when they need it. It means business partners can close deals while not speaking the same language, and children can learn as well.

I love this Skype Translator service. I signed up for the beta, and await my turn soon

Published: Tuesday, December 16th, 2014 Last Modified: December 16, 2014

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