Skype Translator Preview Goes Live For WIndows 8.1 Fans

The Skype translator app when it was debuted earlier this year, was one of the more exciting applications for global communications seen in the past few years. On Monday, Skype announced the introduction of its Skype Translator preview program for Windows 8.1 users.

With Skype opening up the Skype translator app for Windows 8.1 users, it means that the latest and greatest software will be made available for Windows 8.1 users finally. Skype’s translator app is on the very cutting edge of global translation, and this could be huge for Windows 8.1.


Skype Translator For Windows 8.1

On their Skype blog on Monday, Skype mentioned that a waiting list would be made available to Windows 8.1 users, and is depends on the number of people, the settings of their systems, and the languages they will be using. It has up to 45 languages available, which means that global translation in real-time could be for real.

Skype is keeping the initial preview program available to just Windows 8.1 users for now, and will be rolling it out for other users in due time. There is no mention of a timeline for these operating systems, but if Windows 8.1 is a success, then the others shouldn’t be too far behind from Skype and Microsoft.


How Skype Translator Works

With the Skype translator app, the machine language involved uses advanced technology to translate the two languages in real-time. It’s something that hasn’t been shown to be this efficient before, and can be a game changer for worldwide communications. An English Speaker and Japanese speaker could be talking in real-time without a needed translator.

With Skype having the translator ready for Windows 8.1, it means that Windows 8.1 is ready for the technology of Skype Translator. It will be tested among various languages and formats, and will be stress tested at various degrees. When it rolls out to a ready for production product is unknown, but it shows that Skype Translator looks interesting.

Published: Wednesday, November 5th, 2014 Last Modified: November 5, 2014

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