Skype Translator Now Learns French and German

The Skype Translator Preview app is simply amazing and one of the strongest breakthroughs in modern technology, when it comes to a global understanding of people. On Thursday, Microsoft announced that the preview app has increased its number of languages by 2 to a total of 6.

Previously, the Skype Translator Preview App only knew 4 languages, and was successful at that. With the announcement of French and German on Thursday, the world can understand each other a lot easier, and opens the floodgates to new business and education.

Microsoft's Skype Translator App Learns German and French

Learning French and German

The newest version of the Skype Translator Preview App now includes the ability to translate German and French, and is available from the Windows Store. Now, it joins English, Italian, Mandarin, and Spanish. It also joins 50 other instant messaging languages available today.

The app has been tested in great detail by a number of employees within Skype and Microsoft, and came as the result of a Microsoft research team member who was deaf. He wanted to speak with his wife, and the program grew from there. It’s not available to download starting today.

German and French Translating Avaialble In Skype Translator Preview App From Microsoft

How To Get It

The Skype Translator Preview App is now available to all users, and Microsoft removed the earlier barriers to entry to try it out. They are using the increased number of users and feedback to make the product better. All of this will make Skype Translator better as it grows.

The Skype Translator App uses machine learning to help it translate, and the more people use the software, the better the translating gets. The community forum has been setup to take requests, feedback, bug reports, and other comments. With French and German added, it’s sure to get busy.

The updated Skype Translator Preview App is available now. Try it out and enjoy it.

Published: Friday, June 19th, 2015 Last Modified: June 19, 2015

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